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Voyants designs Port SEZ over an Island in Côte D’Ivoire, West Africa

Posted by Voyants | December 20, 2011


The Government of Côte D’Ivoire is envisioning acceleration in the pace of economic growth in the country by identifying a number of development and infrastructure project. Ile Boulay, an island spread over an area of 2000 Hectare, located in Abidjan – a Port city and the commercial capital of the country, has been selected as a potential site for development of a Port SEZ.

Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been appointed by Ministry of Economic Infrastructure, Government of Cote d’Ivoire to carry out the Feasibility Study and Master Planning for the project.

An intensive Feasibility study is being carried out to identify

  • Locational potential analysis for trade and development
  • Raw material availability and target market
  • Potential Industry sectors to be targeted for the SEZ
  • Infrastructure and workforce requirement for the shortlisted sectors
  • Product Mix for the proposed SEZ

The proposed SEZ Master Plan contains

  • 6 berth Transshipment Hub
  • 850 Ha. of Industrial Zone – multiproduct ranging from agro-based to engineering and construction sectors
  • 100 Ha. of logistic support – rail, warehousing, truck parking etc.
  • Financial Hub of 560,000 sq.m. of BUA
  • 250 Ha. of Residential Zone with necessary amenities – high-end to affordable housing solutions
  • Recreation Zone – 18 hole Golf course, stadium, theme park and hospitality

The utilities planned encompass Captive power generation, Effluent Treatment facilities, waste management plan, treated water supply, telecommunication infrastructure and state of the art transportation network; provision for future special infrastructure is also incorporated.

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Voyants gets Agri Growth Pole Project in Cote d’Ivoire, Africa

Posted by Voyants | December 20, 2011

Voyants has been engaged as consultant by Ministry of Infrastructure, Abidjan, Republic of Côte d’ Ivoire for development of Growth Pole in North Côte d’ Ivoire.  Tentative location of the Growth pole would be along the railway corridor and National Highway between Korhogo and Ferkessedougou towns of Côte d’ Ivoire.

The prime focus of Development of Growth Pole is to develop functional Zone at a location which serves not only a particular town but brings about an economic change in a bigger region.  The proposed growth pole on the north of Côte d’ Ivoire, close to international border of Mali and Burkina Faso, shows significant characteristics to be developed as International Regional Growth Pole. Important features are (a) direct connectivity of the region with Abidjan port via railway and highway corridor (b) Good connectivity between the second most populous towns of the three bordering countries, namely Korhogo (Côte d’ Ivoire), Sikasso (Mali) and Banfora (Burkina Faso), which form the three vertex of the triangle. (c) Significant Population base of the cities within the influence region which can be looked as major Consumer and Workforce base. The location is more important because of the fact that Mali and Burkina Faso are big reserves of minerals and agriculture products and since both the countries are land locked, they have a major dependency on Côte d’ Ivoire for their trade through Abidjan port.

The primary objectives of this assignment are:

  • To delineate the Study Area and identify pocket for Agri Processing SEZ.
  • To prepare status report on the socio-economic aspects of the study area.
  • To identify constraints and issues attached to the potentials.
  • To undertake Market Research to identify agri activities that can take place within the region
  • To suggest policy measures necessary for the success of the Growth Pole
  • To broadly determine implementation model for Growth Pole

Activity 1: Study & Mapping of Existing Infrastructure Linkages

Mapping of the existing infrastructural linkages in the proposed Growth Pole region like rail & road network, water supply, power supply etc. shall be ascertained.

Mapping of the present status, potential & gaps with respect to various development components/ economic sectors/ clusters of the Project Area.

Assessment of the existing economic, social and physical infrastructure.

Activity 2: Regional Assessment for development of Growth Pole

  • SWOT analysis of the region
  • Land utilization pattern and functional index
  • Socio Economic Condition
  • Natural and Agro Based Resource
  • Existing Industries
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Proximity to target markets
  • Resource Base and Service dependency with neighboring countries

Activity 3: Regional Appreciation:

  • Hinterland connectivity (Road, Rail, Sea and Air)
  • Existing level of related infrastructure requirement (Water Supply, Power, Telecom, Roads, etc)
  • Topographical conditions and Drainage
  • Land use pattern and surrounding features
  • Habitat in surrounding area along with Social Infrastructure in the region
  • Presence of National Parks and protected forests
  • Applicable regulations and norms (Pollution, Urban Development Plan / Bye-Laws, etc)



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