ESA – Phase-I, Phase-II

Assignment Name : Environmental Site Assessment (ESA Phase II) of Green Field sites 200 Acres land Parcel at Village Gangapur and 130 Acres Land Parcel at village Dhorkin, Pathan, District Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Location :

Client:  Confidential Client

Narrative description of Project

Confidential client had hired VSPL to carry out ESA Phase II as per ASTM standards to assess and ascertain the environmental liability before acquisition of subject property. The advisory services carried out under the below scope of work which includes completion of Limited Phase II ESA for the subject property.

  • Review readily available environmental information and reports pertinent to this assessment.
  • Conduct a site visit and inspect the entire subject facility and surrounding land use. The existing conditions will be documented with written field notes, tape-recorded notes, and/or ground photographs. In particular, VSPL will be evaluating waste disposal methods, practices and, potential sources of contamination and, potential impacts to the subject property from adjacent properties.
  • Evaluation of the presence of existing bore wells and underground storage tanks/aboveground storage tanks through site visit and publicly available secondary data
  • Completion of a regulatory database search of publicly available central and state records. This search will typically identify the environmental matters that have been brought to the attention of the regulatory agencies about the subject facility and surrounding areas.
  • Completion of interviews of knowledgeable site personnel, owners, past owners and/or other representatives to obtain historical information regarding the property.
  • Reviewing physical site data including, hydrogeological and flood plain information, protected flora and fauna, surface waters, geology, and soils data through available secondary sources or publicly available data;
  • During the site visit, the property will be evaluated for the presence of Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls (PCB). The potential emitting sources of PCBs are elevators, transformers, capacitors, etc.
  • During the site visit, the property will be evaluated for the presence of asbestos and lead-based paint. The testing of these materials is not the part of our scope. However, the potential contamination can be predicted depending on the age of these materials at the facility.
  • Limited sampling with respect to soil and water will be undertaken during the site visit based on the visual observation and identified hotspots. It is envisaged that two soil samples and one water sample will be collected and analysed for 13 priority metals, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Semi Volatile Organic Compound (SVOC’s), Total Petroleum Hydro Carbons (TPH).

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