Ground Water Modelling Study for Ras Abu Jarjur (RAJ) Well Fields, Bahrain

Assignment Name : Ground Water Modelling Study for Ras Abu Jarjur (RAJ) Well Fields and The Existing Wells, Kingdom of Bahrain

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Narrative description of Project

Tatweer Petroleum, proposes to enhance the oil recovery by injecting steam below the oil bearing bed. The Client proposed 10 new additional abstraction wells, each capable of yielding 2385 m3/day which, after desalination will be used for steam generation. The Client is already having 31 abstraction wells which are intermittently operated for drilling water having salinity of about 15 to 20 g/l of total dissolved salts. The additional 10 abstraction wells proposed to be constructed will be about 2 km west of Ras Abu Jarjur (RAJ). It is mandatory for The Client to get the approval from Agricultural Engineering and Water Resources Directorate (AEWRD) of Kingdom of Bahrain for construction of additional 10 abstraction wells as it is anticipated by AEWRD that with the additional ground water abstraction of 23,850 m3/day for steam generation by The Client. To assess the appropriate impacts arising out of the above activity such as, there may be depleting trend in the piezometric head levels of RAJ wells, consequently reduced well yields and increase in its salinity as these will be so close by The Client’s additional 10 abstraction wells and on other existing wells in its vicinity. Further to evaluate if there is any major adverse impact on RAJ well field or not, if so then AWERD may permit the construction of additional 10 abstraction wells but with restriction to The Client. Accordingly, AEWRD requested The Client to undertake “Ground Water Modelling study for RAJ well field and evaluate the short and long term effect on the ground water regime of the area. This study and its outcome will serve and help AEWRD as a decision-making document.

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