Detailed Concept Plan for Anjar Special Investment Region (Area 58563 Acres), Anjar, Gujarat

Assignment Name : Preparation of Detailed Concept Plan for Anjar Special Investment Region (Area 58563 Acres)

Location : Anjar Gujarat, India

Client: Gujarat Industrial Development Authority

Narrative description of Project

Special economic zones (SEZs) are passé, time of special investment regions (SIRs) and Special Industrial Areas (SIAs) on the lines of Pudong (China), Rotterdam (Holland) and Houston (United States) has set in, where by identified regions spread over minimum 50 to as large as 300 are given a boost through enhanced sops and spending on creating critical infrastructure (port, airport, expressways etc.) and state of the art industrial infrastructure (logistic hub, truck terminals, etc.). To facilitate the process, the Government of Gujarat has enacted the Gujarat Special Investment Region Act, 2009.
The aim of the study was to prepare a Scientific and Visionary CONCEPT PLAN for development of a Special Investment Region (SIR) in Anjar, Gujarat.
The objectives of the assignment are as follows:

  • To evolve a conceptual plan for setting up a Special Investment Region (SIR) in Okha, Gujarat
  • To determine the implementation model for Anjar SIR so as to achieve self contained planned region having:
    • High physical quality of life for people to live and work
    • Globally competitive infrastructure that attracts investors
    • Environment friendly and sustainable development that future generations can appreciate

To suggest a framework/implementation strategy for successful development of the SIR majorly thorough Public Private Partnership & private funding route and minimum support from government sources.

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