Assignment Name : GIS-Based Master Plan Formulation for Aizawl City under AMRUT

Location : Aizawl, Mizoram

Client: Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation Dept., Govt. of Mizoram

Narrative description of Project

The project aims at formulating a GIS based Master Plan for the Aizawl Master Plan area under the AMRUT scheme by MoHUA. Aizawl is the state capital of Mizoram. The master plan area consists of Aizawl Municipal Corporation, Sairang notified Town area, Siphir,Samtalang and Muthi Village Area of Aizawl district and Lengpui notified town area of Mamit district. The toal master plan area is 204

  • The project focuses upon collating GIS based data for the master plan area as per the design standard of AMRUT scheme.
  • The project also focuses upon formulating a master plan for the horizon year 2040 through analysis of existing physical and socio-economic status and assesses the gap on the basis of the future projection for the horizon period.
  • The assessment will further help in planning developmental provisions for basic infrastructures,housing and future land use for the entire planning area to help in more micro level spatial development within the planning boundary.

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