Independent Engineer Services for supervision of 6 laning of Narenpur to Purnea, Bihar [ NH 131 A]

Assignment Name : Construction and upgradation of NH-131 A from Km 31.00 (design CH 6+000) near Narenpur to Km 79.970 (design CH 53+000) near Purnea to 4-lane standard and from KM 79.970 (design CH 53+000) to Km 82.000(design CH 55.00) near Purnea to 2-lane with paved shoulders standard, in the state of Bihar on Hybrid Annuity Mode.

Location : Bihar, India

Client: National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)

Narrative description of Project

The National Highway Authority of India is contemplating to enhance the traffic capacity and safety of efficient transportation of goods as well as passenger traffic on Narenpur to Purnea of NH 131 A. This project aims at 4 laning from Km 34.600 near Narenpur to Km 79.970 near Purnea and also 2 laning from Km 79.790 to Km 82.000 near Purnea with paved shoulders standard. The project includes road works but not to be limited to the following: Road Works, Bridges, Service Roads. NHAI has appointed us as Independent Engineer (IE) to oversee the activities of the Concessionaire during construction, operation and maintenance of the Project Highway.

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