Consultancy Services for Design, tendering and Supervision of the Electrification Expansion Project for Greater Banjul Area, The Gambia.

Assignment Name : Consultancy Services for Design, tendering and Supervision of the Electrification Expansion Project for Greater Banjul Area, The Gambia

Location : Gambia (West Africa)

Client: National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC)

Narrative description of Project

  • Expansion of electrical infrastructure to meet the immediate power demand.
    • Kotu Power Station Rehabilitation
    • Construction of 33/11kV Substation at Mandinari near existing Overhead Tank
    • Construction of 33/11kV Substation at Brikama City
    • Augmentation of 33/11kV Medina Existing Substation
  • Extension of 33kV Overhead Networks and Pole Mounted 33/0.4 kV Substation with subsequent LT network.
  • Identification of possible route alignment of Power transmission and distribution Line.
  • Topographical and Engineering Survey Work
  • Assessment of the Power demand for a horizon of 10 years.
  • Assessment of the status of the existing sub-stations, transformers and augment the existing power network and design the new sub-stations as well as transformers.
  • Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design report covering the following areas.
    • Population of the GBA as per 2013 census, present and future (design) period/li>
    • Details of existing power supply system, such as total production, demand, supply, line losses, details power distribution system, per capita demand and supply etc.
    • Area/ population to be covered by new Power Distribution system
    • Soil characteristics, topography, geology of the town etc.
    • Project implementation planning
  • Preparation of Preliminary and Final Design and Tender Documents and Supervision of Works.
    Tendering, Evaluation and Award of Construction Contracts.
  • Good For Construction Drawings for the Power Network to be rehabilitated and new network for extension areas
  • Rate Analysis Report, Bill of Quantities, Prepare Tender Documents and Engineering Estimates for the agreed works to be undertaken in the three towns
  • Timely issue to the contractor all the necessary correspondences related to information, instructions, clarifications and suggestions so as to ensure consistency in quality, positive progress and planned costs.
  • Inspect, determine and approve the part of works before, during and after construction of part and, or whole of the works to ensure all time compliance with the specifications and standards.
  • Forecast variations and unforeseen incidences (during design of works) and inform in-time the client including intervention measures to prevent adverse effects to the contract.

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