Detailed Project Report for Petrochemical Park

Assignment Name : Consultancy Services for Preparation of Detailed Project Report for Petrochemical Park at Ambalamugal, Ernakulam District, Kochi, Kerala.

Location : Kochi, Kerala, India

Client: Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA)

Narrative description of Project

The comprehensive study of the existing situation in terms of site condition, connectivity, infrastructure provision as a whole and review of documents, maps, proposals (if any) reconnaissance survey and discussions with officials of KINFRA.

Where the services broadly include:

Ø Site Analysis
Ø Surveys and Investigations (topographic survey and soil investigations)
Ø Market Study and Demand Assessment
Ø Master Plan for the entire of 500 acres based on the broad concept design and cost in
consultation with KINFRA
Ø Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Ø Preparation of Preliminary Engineering Drawings and Cost Estimate
Ø External Infrastructure Assessment
Ø Preparation of Detailed Engineering Drawings and Cost Estimates
Ø Financial Viability Analysis
Ø Tender Documents
Ø Implementation Schedule
Ø Project Management Organization, Contract Management Strategy, Quality Management Plan
and Operation and Maintenance Plan

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