Jammu (J&K) – Smart Cities Challenge

Assignment Name : Preparation of Proposal for Assisting Jammu City (Jammu & Kashmir) to Participate in the Smart Cities Challenge

Location : Jammu (J&K)

Client: Govt. of J&K

Narrative description of Project

The Smart Cities Mission is a bold new initiative by the Government of India to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people. The India Smart Cities Challenge is a competition for municipal leaders and their partners to promote economic opportunity in India. To unearth the best possible proposals, 50 cities competed in the Third round of the challenge. Based on the capacity of the ULB, their financial health and capability for smart development, they are being selected for fund allocation under smart city mission.

The Housing and Urban Development Department, Govt. of J&K selected Voyants Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as consultants for the Preparation of Smart City Challenge.

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