Development Plan for Kanglung Regional Hub/ Growth Centre and a Local Area Plan, Kanglung, Bhutan

Assignment Name : Preparation of Development Plan for Kanglung Regional Hub/ Growth Centre and a Local Area Plan

Location : Kanglung, Bhutan

Client: Department of Human Settlement (DHS)

Narrative description of Project

The main rationale behind the need for development of Regional Hub/ Growth Centres was the unprecedented population growth especially in the two urban centres of Thimphu and Phuentsholing. This increase in the population could be attributed to the increasing rate of population migration from the Eastern region towards the Western region. Like migration, incidence of poverty was also found to be relatively higher in Eastern Bhutan. So, with a view to address the issue of rural urban migration and promote regional balanced development, Bhutan 2020 recommended continuing the commitment of improving the quality of life in rural areas, thus reducing the ‘push’ factors and developing Regional Hub/ Growth Centres in the Eastern region. The development of Regional Hub/ Growth Centre will be the first project of its kind in the country wherein the entire valley is included in the plan preparation. This approach is not only in keeping with the objective of promoting an integrated planning and development of an urban centre and its hinterland but also ensuring efficient and shared use of resources and infrastructure services. This Plan will set out the general direction and objectives for the development of Kanglung. Kanglung as well as Trashigang Dzongkhag are growing at rapid pace leading to many socio-economic changes.
DHS shortlisted Voyants Solutions Private Limited along with its partner through QCBS process to provide the consultancy services for preparation of Development Plan for Kanglung Regional Hub/Growth Centre and a Model Local Area Plan which can be replicated in the entire region under Kanglung.

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