GIS/RS Based Master Plan for Jajpur Master Plan Area.

Assignment Name : GIS/RS Based Master Plan Project for Jaipur Master Plan Area

Location : Jajpur,Odisha

Client: Special Planning Authority,Jajpur

Narrative description of Project

The aim of the project is to formulate the GIS/RS based master plan for Jaipur town situated in the Jajpur District of the state of Odisha encompassing an area of 31.28 for the horizon year 2040.

  • The project entails a review of the current physical and socioe-conomic situation, as well as an assessment of the gap based on future projections for the horizon period.
  • The evaluation will also aid in the creation of development zones, zonal development regulations, and investment and action plans.
  • Since GIS is one of the most important aspects of this project. All of the analysis is done on a GIS platform for more data-driven results, and the project’s final goal is to create a digital proposed land use plan that is translated over a revenue map in GIS format for future use.

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