Detailed Project Report, MSH-4 package-1, Maharashtra

Assignment Name : Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study and Preparation of Detailed Project Report for 2/4 lane with paved shoulders for the work of Upgradation to 2 lane with paved shoulder of Coastal Highway (MSH-4) from Revas bundar – Alibag – Murud – Shrivardhan to Bagmandla (Bankot) in Raigard District (Length – 150.00 Km)

Location : Maharashtra , India

Client: Executive Engineer, National Highway Division, Pen Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra, Public Works Department, Govt. of Maharashtra

Narrative description of Project

The Public Works Department (National Highways) of Maharashtra State has been entrusted with the assignment of Consultancy Services for Feasibility study and preparation of Detailed Project Report for 2/4 lane with paved shoulders for work of Upgradation to 2 lane with paved shoulder/ four lane configuration of Coastal highway (MSH-4) from Revas Bundar – Alibag- Murud – Shrivardhan to Bankot in Raigad District (Length 150.00 Km). Pavement Type: Rigid

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff:

  • Review of earlier reports & Reconnaissance Survey
  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Traffic Studies and Traffic demand forecasting.
  • Inventory and condition survey of road, bridge, culverts and ROB etc.
  • Detailed Topographic Surveys
  • Strip plan
  • Road and Pavement Investigations
  • Soil and Material Surveys
  • Drainage studies and Hydraulic and Hydro-logical Investigations
  • Advance surveys using satellite imagery
  • Pavement and Highway Design
  • Geo technical investigations and Sub-surface exploration
  • Preparation of GAD, detailed design and typical structure drawings for bridges, cross drainage structure and grade separated structures, ROB etc.
  • Preparation of plan and profile drawings.

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