DPR for Water Supply Scheme for Thoothukudi City Municipal Corporation under JICA fund

Assignment Name : Water Supply Improvements Scheme to Thoothukudi City Municipal Corporation.

Location :

Client: Commissionerate of Municipal Administration

Narrative description of Project

Thoothukudi is one of the ten major Port cities in India, situated approximately 540 Km south of Chennai and 135 Km East of Madurai in the State of Tamil Nadu. Thoothukudi is located in the Gulf Mannar region at longitude 78013’E and latitude 8045’N. The present population (2007) of Thoothukudi City Municipal Corporation is 4,53,441 with an extend area of 137.42 sq.km. Thoothukudi City Municipal Corporation area’s (including ten Panchayats coming under this Corporation) expected population during 2037 will be 6,30,063. For this population, the quantity of water required will be 93.675 MLD at the rate of 135LPCD. But, at present the available water supply is only 25MLD. The present supply is insufficient for the entire Corporation area. Hence the improvement of water supply scheme is essential, for which the tentative project is proposed.

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