Power Finance Corporation Limited has appointed Voyants as Third-Party Quality Monitoring agency for carrying out quality monitoring works under RDSS for Pkg. 2 comprising Gujarat & Jharkhand, and Pkg. 4 comprising of Haryana, Panjab and Delhi

Posted by Voyants | March 28, 2024

With the Government of India’s aim and commitment for providing 24×7 uninterrupted, quality, reliable and affordable power supply, the Revamped Reforms Based and Results Linked Distribution Sector Scheme has been formulated by Ministry of Power to undertake reforms and improve performance in a time bound manner.

Voyants has been appointment as the Third-party Quality Monitoring Agency for Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme; Package 2 comprising states of Gujarat & Jharkhand and Package 4 comprising of Haryana, Panjab and Delhi.

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