Urban & Regional Planning

Renewal of urban cores and development of new master plans in view of the sustainability & self-sufficiency urban area are the challenges that confront today’s master planners. Voyants has mastered the art of balancing stakeholder interests and technological expertise, an application of assimilated project and process management knowledge gained in varied geographies and people.

Voyants undertakes preparation of urban and regional planning, city development plans, policy planning & reforms in urban, regional & rural settings for numerous clients. Strategizing urban scenarios for regenerating cities is the core competences of our project development team. VSPL’s core team assists government and private sector clients in conceptualising new communities and inspiring public spaces. We are at the helm of managing urban landscapes and leading them to a positive and promising future. Our elaborate understanding of urban scenario has enlightened various government organizations towards the inception of special investment regions, urban regenerations, insertions, extensions and social – economic restructuring.

  • Urban Development Plans
  • Regional Development Plans
  • Corridor Development Plans
  • Slum Upgradation Plans
  • Sectoral Plans
Services Offered
  • Regional Plans (RP)
  • Special Investment Regions (SIR)
  • National Investment &Manufacturing Zones (NIMZ)
  • Statutory Master Plans / Comprehensive Development Plans
  • City Mobility Plans (CMP)
  • City Investment Plans (CIP)
  • Area Development Plans (ADP)
  • Local Development Plans (LAP)
  • Housing for Urban Poor
  • Village Development Plans (VDP)
  • Urban Sanitation Plan (USP)


  • Statutory Development Plan for 6 Hill Towns in Himachal Pradesh, Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) in Andhra Pradesh, Kanglung Regional Hub in Bhutan, Twin City Development (Nadiad-Anand), India
  • 3 Special Investment Regions (SIRs) in Gujarat, India
  • Growth Pole for Kamrup (Assam) & Sikandra (Rajasthan) India and in Cote D’ Ivoire
  • National Investment and Manufacturing Zone in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India
  • City Development Plans for more than 35 Cities in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Bihar Stage of India
  • Draft Development Plan for More than 20 Municipalities in West Bengal, India

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