Infrastructure, Planning & Design

Infrastructure planning and design (IPD)  shapes the built environment of regional, urban and industrial scale projects with focus on sustainability. Our expertise stems from our multi-disciplinary team integrating urban planning, design and infrastructure to ensure balance between environment, community and development. Our work provides the foundation for successful project implementation by developing strategic frameworks for growth. Integration of disciplines and systems is our forte.

Infrastructure Planning & Design creates a platform for the assimilation of planning initiatives with hardcore engineering. The aim of the IPD team is to provide innovative and sustainable planning solutions through integration of contemporary planning concepts and cutting-edge technology delivered by our multi-disciplinary team.

Our acumen lies in providing consultancy for projects right from its nascent stage to the final implementation at site, enriched by our extensive experience in feasibility studies, market assessment, master planning, engineering design and project management globally.

The Sector is divided in to three distinct sections which are provided below:

  1. Townships and Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
  2. Urban and Regional Planning
  3. Smart Cities

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