Smart and Sustainable Cities

Smart and Sustainable City embraces a wide spectrum of urban components that supports liveability of its citizen. Depending upon the level of city development, its inherent contexts, willingness to change and reform, resources and aspirations of the city residents, a Smart and Sustainable City can have a combination of the following:

  • Relies on City wide and Area based development – retrofit, infill, redevelopment and greenfield.
  • Smart and sustainable public realm; physical safety and security (CPTED)
  • Integrated and Smart infrastructure with user interfaced ‘smart’ solutions to make infrastructure services better including digital transactions, user monitored energy and water consumption.
  • Smart, sustainable and inclusive mobility.
  • Smart health-care, education, knowledge shares and awareness.
  • Sustainable buildings with smart gadgets and appliances.
  • Renewable energy, Green Economics, Sustainable clean and green environment – with monitored Air Quality, Smart solid and liquid waste management.
  • App based support for city services such as tourism, facility locators, help desk and so on.

Key aspects of Voyants providing smart and sustainable city solutions:

  • Community Involvement: Engage Citizen through participation & collaboration using multiple channels of media of online and offline modes to register citizen’s aspirations and issues.
  • Information sharing Platforms: Convergence of physical infrastructure with real time digital (ICT) infrastructures (IoT, USN) to support pro-active, preventive and curative actions.
  • System integration: Studies the sectoral interdependencies across the urban components that supports liveability of its citizen and provides solutions for integrated support system.
  • Innovative idea generation: Collaboration with diversified stakeholders to generates ideas that enhances or disrupts the Business as Usual systems creating user choice and improves service delivery.
  • Implementable way forward: Provide a well thought out holistic vision with physical, financial, socio-economical and developmental management mechanism.

What we do to create Smart Cities

  • Engage with stakeholders to create citizen centric city vision for Smart City Challenges for identified Cities and provide City wide and Area Smart Solutions including Financial planning
  • Establishment of Programme Management Unit for implementation of Smart City.
  • Smart Data Centers / Incubation Centers; Surveillance and Security system.
  • Architectural Services for Smart Buildings.
  • Prepare of Detailed Project Report and Detailed Engineering for Various Smart Infrastructure Components including SCADA and Smart Water Metering, Smart Transportation Solutions Smart Parks, Smart Roads, Riverfront Development, E-Governance – transactions, billing, payment etc.
  • Smart City Advisory with project pre-feasibility, value engineering, system integration of infrastructure and GIS based application development.

What have we contributed on Smart Cities

  • Delivered Eight Smart City Challenge Proposals.
  • Delivering Three Project Management Consultancy for Realising Smart Cities.

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